The Easy Way To Keep Your Web Site Up To Date

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In today’s hyper-responsive, social media focused world, it may seem a bit antiquated to spend time updating your web site. The truth, however, is that regular website updates will help create a more expansive digital presence for you and your business. Thus, we suggest making updates to your web site on a monthly basis (or more often). This may seem challenging, but as we’ve highlighted below, with a CMS system in place this process can be done quite quickly and easily.

Get on the Carousel

One of the most useful current trends in web design is the carousel (for a sample, check out our home page). Not only does it present visitors with a changing screen (thus catching the eye more than a static page) it also allows for quick and easy website updates. Since many systems will allow you to create an additional page for the carousel, you can leave the others in place and simply add a new, more up to date item that covers a different aspect of your business. If you’ve launched a new product, added a new service offering or just have a new blog post, this is a great way to highlight the content not only to new customers, but existing ones that may not be familiar with the addition.

Blogging for the Win

If design constraints or costs limit your ability to regularly refresh your site, all is not lost. As we’ve often discussed here on the Weblog Blog, a blog is a great tool for creating new content that speaks to your current and future customer base and, given the variety of platforms can be done for little to no cost. If you already have a CMS system in place, such as Joomla! or Drupal, you can easily include a blogging add-on to your current system.

A Helping Hand from Social Media

A frequent problem with social media is the need to have something timely and important to say that doesn’t repeat what you’ve already talked about. One of the advantages of regularly updating your web site is that it allows you to then reuse that same content as a potential Twitter/Facebook/etc. update. Announcing a new product on Twitter and then providing a link back to your freshly created web page on that product allows new and current customers to get the exact level of detail they need – either a short overview with your tweet, or a more thorough product/service explanation on your web site.

No matter what kind of website (or budget) you’re working with, updating your website should be a key priority each month. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us any time.